Parisian Master of Research in Computer Science
Master Parisien de Recherche en Informatique (MPRI)


The MPRI is a research-oriented master programme in computer science run jointly by the following institutions: Université de Paris (which is the coordinating institution), l'École normale supérieure de la rue d'Ulm, Paris, henceforth ENS Ulm, and University Paris Saclay (which includes l'Ecole normale supérieure de Paris-Saclay (ENS Paris-Saclay)), Institut Polytechnique de Paris (which includes l'École Polytechnique, and Telecom Paris). Moreover the Master has special ties with the following universities and research institutions: Sorbonne Université (SU), CNRS, INRIA, and CEA.

Its purpose is to train future scientists through intensive exposure to contemporary research in computer science. It is open to students who have completed a French Licence or equivalent Bachelor's degree at a French or foreign college or university.

Most MPRI graduates continue on with a doctorate (Ph.D.), although some students successfully enter professional life after obtaining their Master's degree from MPRI. The MPRI + doctorate combination naturally leads to careers in academia (teaching-research positions at universities, full-time research positions at research institutions) or in industrial research and development.

From a formal point of view, the Master MPRI corresponds to:

  • the specialization Recherche en Informatique (MIR) of the Master Informatique of Université de Paris.
  • the specialization Algorithmique et Fondements de la Programmation of the Master Informatique of PSL University.
  • the specialization Algorithmique et Fondements de la Programmation (AFP) of the Master Informatique of University Paris Saclay.
  • the specialization MPRI of the Master Foundations of Computer Science of IP Paris.

The application rules determine the Master where candidates should apply and enroll. The validation rules of the Master are independent of the institution where the student enrolls.

The MPRI curriculum

The aim of the MPRI is to offer students both core training in the fundamentals of computer science and more specialised training constitutive of a true introduction to research. One or two research internships complete this classical training curriculum.

In view of the great variety of cultural and educational backgrounds which the students taking the MPRI present, we let the students select their own customised two-year curriculum, i.e. not only the courses they wish to follow, but also the number and type of internships.

The second year (M2 year) begins with a first semester dedicated to specialisation by way of level 2 advanced courses. The second semester is devoted to a research internship within a laboratory, either in France or abroad.

In addition to the above-mentioned internships abroad, students may request, subject to approval by the MPRI's Studies Committee, to take all or part of the first or second year courses at a foreign partner university.

The specialisations available include:

  • Algorithms
  • Automata and Formal Languages
  • Automated Deduction
  • Combinatorics and Computer algebra
  • Computability and Complexity
  • Cryptography, Coding, and Security
  • Logics and Semantics of Programs
  • System Programming, Analysis, and Verification
Universités partenaires Université Paris-Diderot
Université Paris-Saclay
ENS Cachan École polytechnique Télécom ParisTech
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