Parisian Master of Research in Computer Science
Master Parisien de Recherche en Informatique (MPRI)

The MPRI Programme

The aim of the MPRI programme is to offer students both core training in the foundations of computer science and more specialised training constitutive of a true introduction to research. One or two research internships complete the training programme.

In view of the great variety of cultural and educational backgrounds which the students taking the MPRI present, we let the students select their own customised two-year programme, i.e., not only the modules they wish to take, but also the number and type of internships. Customised programmes are subject to approval by the MPRI's Studies Committee, whereby the students' personal plans and prior degree course are taken into account.

In addition to an English module, the programme comprises two different types of modules: level 1 and level 2 modules. The level 1 modules are core modules whose aim is to give students a general training in computer science, whereas the aim of the level 2 modules is to introduce students to research; students must be well versed in the level 1 modules in order to take level 2 modules.
[see the list of entrance requirements for the MPRI modules].

A detailed list of modules and corresponding heads of modules is set each year by the MPRI's Studies Committee; the exact number of modules available also depends on the number of students taking the MPRI. Therefore, the lists contained on this Web site should not be deemed definitive, although they do give a rather accurate picture of what the programme offers.

Subject to approval by the Studies Committee, ECTS credits obtained by students within the framework of other Masters, either in computer science or in another discipline (mathematics, physics, biology etc.), will be taken into account within the framework of the MPRI. Such ECTS credits will be approved in principle beforehand, during the students' presentation of customised programmes.

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