Parisian Master of Research in Computer Science
Master Parisien de Recherche en Informatique (MPRI)

Partner and associated institutions

The MPRI is a research-oriented master programme in computer science run jointly by the following partner institutions: University Paris Diderot (which is the coordinating institution), University PSL (which includes ENS Paris), Université Paris-Saclay (which includes ENS Paris-Saclay), Institut Polytechnique de Paris (which includes École polytechnique and Télécom Paris). Moreover the Master has special ties with the following universities and research institutions: Sorbonne University, CNRS, Inria, and CEA.

Partner institutions

Université de Paris (coordinating institution)
Université Paris Sciences & Lettres (includes ENS Ulm)
University Paris Saclay (includes ENS Paris-Saclay)
Institut Polytechnique de Paris (includes École polytechnique, Télécom Paris)

Associated universities and research bodies


The research environment of the MPRI is exceptional: the laboratories supporting it all work with the CEA, the CNRS or the INRIA and are recognised at the highest international level. The concerned laboratories include:

Within the partner institutions

IRIF, UMR 8243, Université de Paris & CNRS
DI/ENS, UMR 8548, ENS Ulm, CNRS & Inria
LMF, UMR 9021, Université Paris-Saclay, ENS Paris-Saclay & CNRS
LIX, UMR 7161, École Polytechnique & CNRS
LTCI, Telecom Paris Tech

Within the associated institutions

LIP6, UMR 7606, SU & CNRS
INRIA research units

A high number of MPRI students naturally turn to the above-mentioned laboratories to do their doctor's thesis after completion of the MPRI. Nonetheless, the MPRI has resolutely adopted one of the missions of the Écoles Normales Supérieures and of the École Polytechnique, i.e. that of encouraging students not to do their thesis all at the same place, but to take advantage of the whole academic network. It follows that the MPRI will implement a voluntarist policy whose purpose is to encourage students to do their research internships within the framework of the MPRI, and then their doctor's thesis, in other laboratories.

Organisation and running of the MPRI

The organisation of the MPRI is based on a Studies Committee and a Steering Committee both chaired by the Director of the MPRI.

Director of the MPRI

The Director of the MPRI is proposed by the Steering Committee to the Directors of the partner institutions for a renewable 4-year term.

Since September 2017 the Director of the MPRI is Professor Olivier Carton, Paris Diderot University.
Previous Directors of MPRI were: Professor Roberto Amadio, Paris Diderot University (2014-2017), Professor Hubert Comon-Lundh, ENS Cachan (2010-2013), and Professor Paul Gastin, ENS Cachan (2006-2009).

Studies Committee

The Studies Committee is in charge of all practical and daily aspects of the MPRI as well as of relations to individual students; of student selection and educational support -notably via approval of customised courses; of the search for and setting up of internships and their assessment; and of all MPRI communications (Web site, application forms etc.).

In addition to the Director of the MPRI, the Studies Committee consists of:

  • one researcher or teacher-researcher appointed by the head of each partner institution;
  • researchers or teachers-researchers whose names have been put forward by the MPRI teaching staff

Members of the Studies Committee are also in charge of liaising for the MPRI with the students and the head office of their institution.

The same person may be a member of both the Steering Committee and the Studies Committee.

The researchers and/or teachers-researchers currently appointed to the Studies Committee are:

O. Carton Director
S. Laplante U. de Paris
B. Minaud ENS, Université PSL
J. Goubault-Larrecq U. Paris Saclay at ENS Paris-Saclay
G. Schaeffer IP Paris at École Polytechnique
C. Marché U. Paris Saclay
A. Amarilli IP Paris at Télécom Paris
C. Dürr Sorbonne Université
D. Rémy Inria

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee acts as the board of directors of the MPRI. In addition to the Director of the MPRI, the Steering Committee consists at least of:

  • two researchers or teachers-researchers appointed by the head of each partner institution;
  • one researcher or teacher-researcher appointed by the head of each associated institution;

The Steering Committee makes all educational, scientific, administrative and financial decisions of a general nature with respect to the MPRI. The Steering Committee meets to discuss strategic issues concerning the management of the Master.

The researchers and/or teachers-researchers currently appointed to the Steering Committee by the partner and associated institutions are:

O. Carton Director
D. Kesner U. Paris-Cité
H. Fauconnier U. Paris-Cité
D. Pointcheval ENS, Université PSL
P. Senellart ENS, Université PSL
P. Gastin U. Paris Saclay at ENS Paris-Saclay
Ph. Schnoebelen U. Paris Saclay at ENS Paris-Saclay
F. Morain IP Paris at École Polytechnique
B. Werner IP Paris at École Polytechnique
M. Sozio IP Paris at Telecom Paris Tech
A. Miné Sorbonne U.
D. Rémy Inria
Universités partenaires Université Paris-Diderot
Université Paris-Saclay
ENS Cachan École polytechnique Télécom ParisTech
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