Parisian Master of Research in Computer Science
Master Parisien de Recherche en Informatique (MPRI)

Scholarships for master students

There are several programs that offer scholarships for both French and foreing students and which are handled directly by the partner institutions. You can have a look at this page. Students applying to a fellowship at an institution different from the institution they should enroll at should follow the application procedure at both institutions.” Here are some rules of thumb.

- Apply early. Deadlines for scholarships tend to be well before the deadline for applying to MPRI; some of them are as early as December or January.

- When choosing the institution where you apply for a grant remember that while the M2 programme is unified, there are really 4 distinct M1 programmes run respectively by Paris-Cité University, ENS Paris, ENS Paris Saclay, and Ecole Polytechnique.

- The rankings of the various institutions are not coordinated. To increase your chances you may apply to several grants in parallel.

- Criteria for getting a grant are more severe than for getting an admission to the programme, i.e., if you fail to get a grant you may still apply for admission. In this case, you should follow the the rules described here.

- Prepare a Motivation Letter and a Curriculum Vitae with the details of your grades and possibly your research experience and contact the Study Director of the institution you are applying to.

Here are the pointers to the pages describing possibilities for scholarships in the MPRI partner institutions:

- University Paris-Cité: here Contact: Wieslaw Zielonka for M1 and Sophie Laplante for M2.

- ENS Paris (rue d'Ulm): here. Beware that the scholarships at ENS Paris are in general for a 3 years training (L3, M1, M2). Contact: Damien Vergnaud.

- ENS Paris-Saclay (University Paris Saclay): here. Contact: Mihaela Sighireanu.

- Ecole Polytechnique (University Paris Saclay): here Contact: Gilles Schaeffer.

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