Parisian Master of Research in Computer Science
Master Parisien de Recherche en Informatique (MPRI)


Administrative procedure

The internship proposal should be submitted on the pedagogical server by January 31. Please take note: the internship proposal must be approved by your Study Director following an analysis of the Studies Committee on the distribution of the internships. It is recommended to have a back-up proposal in case your first choice is not approved. The rule is that each internship director can supervise at most one MPRI student.

Students must fill in an internship agreement before beginning the internship completing their studies. The relevant forms are available on request at the MPRI Secretariats within the institutions where the students are enrolled at. The duration of the internship is 4.5 months. It should begin around 15 March and may not extend beyond 31 August. The viva voce examination will take place beginning of September.

Students doing their internship abroad should start taking the necessary steps well in advance, because the office of internships has to request the prior approval of the French state health insurance office (CPAM).

  • Students enrolled at the University Paris Diderot must return to the Secretariat a copy of the internship agreement filled in, signed and stamped by the body with which they will be doing the internship. They must enclose a photocopy of their student card as well as a certificate of civil liability insurance providing cover for the whole length of the internship in case of accident WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK OF THE INTERNSHIP WITH THE COMPANY/PUBLIC BODY. The students and the body with which they will be doing the internship will each be given a copy of the internship agreement signed by both the person in charge of the MPRI course and the head of the university.

Internships offer

We provide a server where researchers from all over the world may submit an internship proposal for M2-MPRI students. Please notice that these proposals are NOT MODERATED. For internships that take place in an industrial environment, make sure to discuss them ahead of time with your study director to ensure that they correspond to what is expected from an internship.

Previous years

Internship reports

A report, in pdf format, must be uploaded on the MPRI pedagogical server around August 20 (the exact date is announced here).

The report must start with a 2 pages fiche de synthèse ( au format pdf) following the organization provided in this file.

Filling this summary file ( in pdf format) should help in presenting and organizing your report.

The report must not exceed 20 pages, including the 2 pages of the fiche de synthèse, in a standard format : LaTeX, article, 11pt, a4.

These 20 pages can be (optionally) completed with an appendix, detailing for instance some of the proofs. However, the committee may or may not read the appendices. The report must therefore be readable without the appendices.

The reports or their modifications that are submitted after the deadline may or may not be considered by the committee.

In any case, in case of a late submission or a late modification, if the committee takes it into account, then there will be a penalty on the final mark.

By default, the reports must be written in French, with the following exceptions:

  • The supervisor is more comfortable with English than with French
  • The student is more comfortable with English than with French
  • Part of the report is a research article written in English

The writing quality is judged independently of the writing language: writing in English cannot be an excuse for a mediocre language quality.

Each student report is assigned a reviewer, who belongs to the studies committee. This assignment is available in the planning of the defenses below. The reviewer may ask an external expertise and must fill the formulaire d'évaluation "rapporteur".

The supervisor(s) must also fill an supervisor evaluation form and send it by E-mail (in text format) to the reviewer. The deadline is the same as for the report upload (around August 20). Students are supposed to remind the supervisor of this obligation.

A randomly selected example of report that received a good evaluation is here.


The defenses are scheduled beginning of September. See PLANNING 2023/2024

Each presentation will last 30 minutes (20 minutes of presentation + 10 minutes of questions). A video-projector will be available.

The students should inform their internship supervisor of the date and session of their defense. The supervisor is encouraged to attend the whole session corresponding to the defense of the intern, but this is not mandatory. In any case, notice that the jury takes the advice of the supervisor at the end of the session and that a session can typically last between 90 and 120 minutes.

By default the defenses are public: the students are encouraged to attend. For each session, the jury consists of a subset of the MPRI studies committee and the supervisors (if present).

Students requiring some degree of confidentiality and/or the signature of a non-disclosure agreement should contact the Master's Director at least 2 months before the defense.

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