Parisian Master of Research in Computer Science
Master Parisien de Recherche en Informatique (MPRI)

Terms of student recruitment

Students are recruited on the basis of their application and possibly an interview, whereby both the students' prior degree course and personal career plans are taken into account.

First-year recruitment

The MPRI is a two-year programme. First-year recruitment concerns students who wish to take the whole programme. The following students may apply for the MPRI within this framework:

  • students with level L (third year) qualifications (Bachelor's degree or equivalent) from a French or foreign college or university.

Second-year recruitment

The MPRI is also open to students who wish to enter the programme directly in the second year. These students must have done their first year either:

  • within the framework of another research or professionally oriented Master at a French college or university, or
  • at a foreign university.

Entrance requirements

We have set, for both first and second year recruitment, entrance requirements which should allow students to appreciate the knowledge required in order to join the MPRI.

list of entrance requirements

Application Procedure

While the M2-MPRI programme is unified, there are really 3 distinct M1-MPRI programmes run respectively by University Paris Cité, ENS Paris (rue d'Ulm), University Paris-Saclay (faculté des sciences or ENS Paris-Saclay). If moreover you want to apply for a scholarship then you should visit the grants page.

Application for M1

Applicants for the first-year (M1) of MPRI at University Paris Cité should apply to the first year (M1) of the Master Ingénierie Informatique. Information on this curriculum are available from the Paris Diderot Computer Science Department.

Applicants for the first-year (M1) of MPRI at ENS Paris (rue d'Ulm) should consult the information available from the ENS Paris (rue d'Ulm) Computer Science Department.

Applicants for the first-year (M1) of MPRI at University Paris-Saclay (track ENS Paris-Saclay or track faculté des sciences) should consult the M1 Parisian Research Master in Computer Science

Applicants for the first-year (M1) of MPRI at IP Paris should consult the Master Foundations of Computer Science of IP Paris.

Application for M2

There are 5 cases.

Case 1. Students who are awarded a scholarship by a partner institution to attend the M2-MPRI are automatically admitted and they will enroll in the partner institution granting the scholarship.

Learn more about the funding schemes and the corresponding application procedures.

Case 2. Applicants who have validated the M1 at ENS Paris (rue d'Ulm) are admitted following an advice of the ENS Paris Study Director. They will enroll at ENS Paris (rue d'Ulm).

Case 3. Applicants who have validated an M1 at University Paris Saclay should apply to the M2 Parisian Computer Sciences Research of University Paris-Saclay. Admitted students will enroll at ENS Paris-Saclay.

Case 4. Applicants who have validated an M1 at IP Paris should apply to the Master Foundations of Computer Science of IP Paris. Admitted students will enroll at IP Paris.

Case 5. All the other applicants, should follow the following procedure, and if admitted they will enroll at University Paris Cité. Students applying for funding should follow the application procedure of fellowship granting institution IN ADDITION to the standard admission procedure.

  1. Register on the pedagogical web server, then fill in, validate and print their application form before mid-June.
  2. Send their application, complete in all respects, to the Main Secretariat of MPRI.

The following elements compose the application:

  • The application form, duly completed on the pedagogical web server and signed.
  • A photograph.
  • A curriculum vitae.
  • A detailed description of your last two years of studies including syllabus, length (in hours) and mark obtained for each module. You may also describe any other higher education.
  • A motivation letter specifying the reasons for which you wish to take the MPRI.
  • 1 envelope with your address (if you live in France, the envelope should be stamped too).
  • A recommendation letter from a teacher willing to attest that you possess the abilities and skills necessary to take the MPRI programme and in which said teacher justifies his or her standpoint. The letter should be sent directly by E-mail from the teacher to the study director of the students enrolled in University Paris Diderot (the coordinates of the UPD study director can be found here).
  • It is the students' responsibility to make sure that the letter of recommendation reaches the Direction in time.

As a rule of thumb, the 3 main conditions to be accepted in the M2-MPRI programme are: a very good scholar curriculum, a clear motivation to do research in the areas covered by the Master MPRI, and a (good) recommendation letter from a recognized researcher.

Applications, complete in all respects, must reach the MPRI's Main Secretariat before JUNE 15. Late applications are processed at the discretion of the recruiting committee. Incomplete applications will not be considered. The SELECTION RESULTS will be available by the end of June at the latest on the application server. The selected candidates (and only them) will also be informed by regular mail of the selection results and of the administrative procedure.

In case of urgency concerning an M2 application, you may send an e-mail to

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