Parisian Master of Research in Computer Science
Master Parisien de Recherche en Informatique (MPRI)

Quantum Information and Cryptography (24h, 3ECTS)


André Chailloux Simon Apers,

Lectures take place Tuesdays 12:45 to 15:45.


  • Dec 6 (AC) Density matrices, general measurements and distance measures.
  • Dec 13 (AC) Quantum Key Distribution
  • Jan 3 NO LECTURE
  • Jan 10 (AC) Quantum Cryptography beyond Quantum Key Distribution
  • Jan 17 (AC) Quantum Information Theory
  • Jan 24 (SA) Quantum walks
  • Jan 31 (SA) Quantum walk search
  • Feb 7 NO LECTURE
  • Feb 14 (SA) Hamiltonian simulation and solving linear systems
  • Feb 21 (SA) Linear combination of unitaries


Schedule: Tuesday 12h45 starting Dec. 6, Room 1002

Location: Sophie Germain building (check the MPRI schedule).

Evaluation: Final exam.


2.34.1 Quantum computing or another course on quantum computing.

Presentation and objectives

Quantum algorithms have made tremendous progress in the past few decades, and classical cryptographic protocols have become more vulnerable to attacks carried out using quantum means. Even though a general purpose quantum computer is not yet at hand, it has become crucial to ensure privacy in a scenario where even special-purpose devices become available.

This course will cover basics of quantum cryptography, quantum information and advanced quantum algorithms.

Lecture notes

Lectures 1-4: Lecture Notes, Exercise Session 1 and Solutions

Lectures 5-8: Lecture Notes. Extra resource: lecture notes by Ronald de Wolf (chapters 8-10), available here.


Please contact the lecturers for information about internships: André Chailloux or Simon Apers (see here for suggested topics).

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