Parisian Master of Research in Computer Science
Master Parisien de Recherche en Informatique (MPRI)

Concurrency (24h, 3 ECTS)

Course director: Emmanuel Haucourt

Academic year 2022 - 2023


Emmanuel Haucourt (professional web page)


Starting from a restriction of the language introduced by E. W. Dijkstra, we explain how directed algebraic topology can be applied to the study of concurrency.

French and English

French. However, questions asked in english will be answered in english.

Plan of the Course and Material


Lecture 1


PARALLEL AUTOMATA META LANGUAGE: Syntax, Control Flow Graph, Abstract Machine

CONSERVATIVE PROGRAMS: Potential Functions, Discrete Models

Lecture 2

AN ALGEBRAIC TOPOLOGY TEASER: Categories, Topology, Functors, Connectedness

METRIC SPACES: Functor terminology, Categories of metric spaces, Metric graphs

LOCALLY ORDERED METRIC GRAPHS: Partially ordered spaces, Ordered atlases, Basic properties, Ordered atlas on metric graphs

Lecture 3

GEOMETRIC MODELS: Cartesian product, From discrete to geometric models, Examples, Geometric vs Discrete, The motivating theorem

HOMOTOPY OF PATHS: Undirected case, Directed case, Relation to geometric models

INDEPENDANCE: Syntactical independence, Model independence, Observational independence, Comparison

Lecture 4

ISOTHETIC REGIONS: Boolean structure, Additional operators

FACTORING ISOTHETIC REGIONS: Free commutative monoids, Monoids of homogeneous languages, Homogeneous languages and isothetic regions

Lecture 5

FUNDAMENTAL CATEGORY: Abstract setting, Directed path functor, Natural congruences, Basic properties and computations

CATEGORY OF COMPONENTS: Motivation, Loop-free categories, Systems of weak isomorphisms, Construction, Properties, Examples, Finite connected loop-free categories



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Basic Category Theory

  • Awodey, S. Category Theory. Clarendon Press. Oxford 2006.
  • Leinster, T. Basic Category Theory. Cambridge University Press 2014.
  • Roman, S. An Introduction to the Language of Category theory. Birkhäuser 2017.

More advanced books:

  • Mac Lane, S. Categories for the Working Mathematician (2nd ed.). Springer 1998.
  • Riehl, E. Category Theory in Context. Dover 2016.

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