Parisian Master of Research in Computer Science
Master Parisien de Recherche en Informatique (MPRI)

Error-correcting codes and applications to cryptography (24h, 3 ECTS)

Instructors: Anne Canteaut (responsable), Alain Couvreur, Thomas Debris

The aim of this course is to present common issues essential to the theory of error-correcting codes and to cryptology (symmetric cryptography and public-key cryptosystems), with algorithmic and computational aspects.

English Policy
Lectures will be in French, but could be in English if some student asks for it.
Lecture notes are in English.

First-year master level in standard algebra, algorithms and cryptology.

Sister courses: 2.12-1, 2.12-2, 2.30, 2.34.2 and 2.13.1.

Preliminary schedule year 2023-2024

Wednesday, from 10:15 to 11:45, building Sophie Germain, Room 1004

13/09 Alain Couvreur Introduction
20/09 Anne Canteaut Finite Fields basics Exercises
27/09 Alain Couvreur Decoding problems, Shannon theory
04/10 Alain Couvreur Bounds on the parameters of codes
11/10 Alain Couvreur Duality, MacWilliams identity
18/10 no lecture
25/10 Alain Couvreur CANCELLED
01/11 bank holiday
08/11 Alain Couvreur Cyclic codes, BCH codes
15/11 Anne Canteaut Exercises
22/11 Alain Couvreur Reed-Solomon codes
29/11 mid-term exam
06/12 Alain Couvreur List decoding of Reed-Solomon codes, Guruswami-Sudan algorithm
13/12 Anne Canteaut Reed-Muller codes, Boolean functions
20/12 Anne Canteaut Algebraic attacks and statistical attacks on block ciphers
10/01 Anne Canteaut Linear cryptanalysis
17/01 Anne Canteaut Linearity of Sboxes
24/01 no lecture
31/01 Anne Canteaut Differential cryptanalysis
07/02 Anne Canteaut Diffusion in block ciphers
14/02 Thomas Debris Public-key code-based cryptography I
21/02 Thomas Debris Public-key code-based cryptography II
06/03 final exam


  • Partial exam: November 29. Lecture notes are allowed.
  • Final exam: March 6. The final exam will rely on a research paper given to the students 3 weeks in advance. The day of the exam, a list of questions related to the paper is handed.

Lecture notes are allowed.

The final grade is defined as the maximum between the grade of the final exam and the average of the grades of the partial exam and of the final exam.

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