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 |     |                  |Holidays| |     |                  |Holidays|
 |07/01| Ben Smith        |[[|Elliptic curve signature schemes]]| |07/01| Ben Smith        |[[|Elliptic curve signature schemes]]|
-|14/01| Ben Smith        |Isogeny-based cryptosystems+|14/01| Ben Smith        |Group structure and division polynomials
-|21/01| Ben Smith        |Elliptic curve point counting+|21/01| Ben Smith        |[[|Morphisms and isogenies]]
-|28/01| Ben Smith        |Curves and divisors|+|28/01| Ben Smith        |[[|Point counting and secure curve construction]]|
 |04/02| Ben Smith        |(no class)| |04/02| Ben Smith        |(no class)|
-|11/02| Ben Smith        |Hyperelliptic curve cryptography **double class: 16h16-19h15**|+|11/02| Ben Smith        |[[|Isogeny-based cryptography]] **double class: 16h16-19h15**|
 |18/02|                  | (no class) | |18/02|                  | (no class) |
 |25/02|                  | (no class) | |25/02|                  | (no class) |
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