Parisian Master of Research in Computer Science
Master Parisien de Recherche en Informatique (MPRI)

Computational Bioengineering (60h, 8 ECTS)


Practical information

Lectures will be given in English. The lectures will take place at ENS Paris-Saclay..

Motivations and main objectives

We studies biological circuit design. Using kinetic models from biochemistry as a foundation, we first show how to build circuit components like logical gates and oscillators out of biological parts. We then investigate design strategies to build biological systems with more complex behavior out of these basic building blocks. A guiding principle will be to use tested biochemical models as a foundation and to mathematically prove the desired behavior of the system in these models.

Lecture notes

Lecture notes can be found here:


The second part will be graded based on theoretical and practical lab work only. There will be no written exam.


No previous knowledge of biology or chemistry is required. The following will be helpful, however:

  • basic algorithmics and programming (we'll program in Python)
  • basic graph theory definitions
  • basic circuit theory (notions like NAND, NOR shouldn't scare you)
  • basic probability theory
  • vocabulary of ordinary differential equations

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